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Light Portals Hypnosis

Online sessions via ZOOM

with Valentina Plishchina


I invite you to an introspective journey.

We are fighting so many unseen battles inside our minds that get us trapped in loops of negativity, denial and suppressed emotions. Often it’s hard to connect the dots why we have diseases and self-sabotaging behavior.

In the state of hypnosis with my guidance it’s possible to shed the light. All the answers are already there within waiting when you are ready to unlock your wisdom that every Soul has. It’s within your reach to make a personal introspective change that can lift many burdens, restructure feelings, reprogram negative behavior and associations and regain your power.

It’s a very spiritually fulfilling experience. Your Subconscious Mind takes a leading role navigating the right event and right life time finding the root of the problem, and I am a humble guide that is with you all the way on this journey exploring the INNER YOU.


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