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“I was very interested to try this session but hesitant at the same time because of my fear of losing control and opening up too much while I am sleeping. What I've learned is that you are not really sleeping during introspective hypnosis sessions, but rather going into a deep meditative state. Your ego becomes less active, but still present, and you would never do or say anything you don't want to. But because your ego is sleepy, with Valentina's gentle guidance you allow yourself to drift to the thin layers of your subconscious and beyond, see and understand your barriers, reasons, get closure, learn lessons...My experience was mind blowing. Valentina is amazing! She has this gift of gently and safely leading you every step of the way through this portal to... yourself."

- Tatyana M., New York

“I have received a hypnotherapy session from Valentina recently. It was unusual and amazing! I was immersed deep in my past remained clear and conscious at the same time. Forgotten memories of my childhood came to light and helped me to understand, analyze and release many of my psychological problems. Thank you for this unique experience!"

- Janet A., New York

One day I just decided to try a hypnosis session. What made me do it was not the desire to resolve my issues, but a simple curiosity of how it would feel, if it would make me bark or speak gibberish, for example. Knowing how talented and spiritually powerful Valentina is, naturally, I entrusted myself in her abilities. I prepared a list of issues that I would like to address beforehand, for the initial interview. Sometimes it’s hard for me to open up, but it was very comfortable to talk with Valentina, she was gentle, thoughtful, patient, and very professional. After a 40 minute interview, the hypnosis session began. Wow, what an eye opening experience it was for me! I went under, inside of my subconscious, traveling across different dimensions, but at the same time, I was extremely aware. I was able to see my reality from an angle unknown to me before. As a result, one of my biggest issues got resolved, I feel lighter and happier. Valentina sent me the video of our session, so I could re-live it and analyze everything again. It’s not magic! I understand now that the answer to all problems is inside us, we just need someone to guide us on the path to uncover it. If something is weighing you down or you have an unresolved situation, I recommend to try Valentina’s hypnosis session. Thank you so much Valentina for this experience!

- Ilona G., Pennsylvania

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