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How to Prepare for Your Session

  • When booking your session, you must review and sign our session waiver. Signing the waiver and continuing to the session is a contractual agreement to our terms. 

  • When booking a time slot, make sure that you will have at least 3 hours of uninterrupted silence and privacy.

  • Make sure that you have a bed or recliner that you will be comfortable in for the duration of the session. 

  • On the date of your session, eat lightly beforehand. Do not consume too much caffeine, and absolutely no alcohol or mind-altering substances prior to the session.

  • Have an up-to-date version of Zoom downloaded on your computer (Desktop or Laptop only, tablets are not recommended, and phones are not allowed.)

  • Download the latest version of Zoom here: Download Zoom

  • Prior to the session, I will provide the Zoom link via e-mail.

  • Make sure you have a working web camera.

  • Have a working set of headphones with a microphone (preferred head/earphones with an attached mic piece)

  • Your session will be video recorded, and we will provide you with the file of your session (without interview and induction). You may remember some, all or nothing of your session while you were hypnotized so a recording is great and actually important to your process after we meet.

  • Most importantly: Have an open mind. 

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